Rafe is the King of Dalbreck, betrothed to Princess Arabella (Lia) of Morrighan in 'The Kiss of Deception'. In Kiss of deception he is 19 years old.

After the events of 'The Beauty of Darkness' he married Princess Arabella of Morrighan, current Queen of Venda, and had one child with her - princess Aster.

Appearance Edit

Rafe is described to have shoulder length dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and in BOD, gains peach fuzz. He is a head taller than Lia and noted to have an athletic build.

Personality Edit

Very caring


Dark and mysterious

History Edit

Born to the King and Queen of Dalbreck, at the age of eight Rafe was given to Sven as an apprentice, became a cadet at twelve, pledged at fourteen, and a solider by sixteen. Sven educated him on everything from military history, various combat skills with a wide range of weapons, riding, military strategy and tracking. Rafe was always given double of the dirtiest and lowest jobs to ensure fellow soldiers felt no favoritism to him due to his royal rank. Though a highly trained solider he was the least trained in the field due to being the only heir to the throne and was therefore brought into battle after it had already cooled and was surrounded buy the strongest soldiers. As a pledge, Rafe befriended fellow pledges Orrin, Jeb, and Tavish who would later assist him and Sven in tracking and freeing Lia from Venda.

The Kiss of Deception Edit

In 'The Kiss of Deception', having been left at the alter by Lia, Rafe finds himself angry, amused, and curious about the mysterious princess who chose a simple life over their marriage. Rafe spends 3 weeks tracking Lia with tips from vagabonds, merchants, and eventually Enzo the stable boy. He tracks her to Berdi's inn Terravin where he encounters Kaden who asks to join him for a drink. During his first introduction to Lia, he is initially cold and scrutinizing of her. Rafe's steady rivalry with Kaden begins here with both vying for her attentions and preference. Both men as well as Lia were unaware of the others motives or real identities.

While in Terravin, Rafe and Lia begin spending time together, both planned and by chance and steadily grow closer. With both of their feelings and attraction to each other growing, they share their first kiss and continue their flirtatious relationship.

Relationships Edit

Family: Edit

King of Dalbreck—Father

Queen of Dalbreck- Mother

Romantic: Edit

Lia- Wife

Calantha Edit

  • While not an actual relationship, Rafe pays "attentions" to Calantha while captive in the Sanctum to divert attention away from his relationship with Lia

Friendships: Edit






Trivia Edit

Learned to grow melons in book 1

Quotes Edit

"In the farthest corner, I will find you."

"Some things last... The things that matter"

“It was worth it Lia... Every mile, everyday. I’d do it all over again. I’d chase you across three continents if that’s what it took to be with you.”

"I'm afraid you'll taint mine."

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