Overview Edit

Morrighan is a kingdom of plenty. Its inhabitants believe they are the Chosen of The Remnant - favored by the gods after The Devastation, led by the girl Morrighan through the destruction to a place of safety.

Etymology Edit

While the Kingdom of Morrighan is named for its first Queen, Morrighan, is it also believed to be derived from modern-day Oregon.

History Edit

Geography Edit

Described as a land of endless hills (see Easter Eggs), many ancient ruins pepper the landscape.

  • Golgata
  • Morrighan Vineyards
  • Civica
    • Citadelle
      • Grand Hall
    • Abbey
    • Square
  • Terravin
  • Piadro

Politics Edit

Government Edit

  • Timekeeper
  • Lord Viceregent
  • Chancellor
  • Royal Scholar

Foreign Relations Edit

  • History of tensions with Dalbreck, hoped to be alleviated through marriage with the Crown Prince

Military Edit

  • Believes its military superior to all other nations.

Economy Edit

  • Morrighan is famous for both the quality and price of its wine.

Religion Edit

  • Considers themselves the Chosen Remnant that found favor in the sight of the Gods, who led Morrighan, their first Queen, to safety after The Devastation.
  • Polytheistic, though the gods themselves are not named individual deities, but concepts.
  • First Daughters are revered as potential Siarrahs -those with the sight.
  • Extreme focus on history, albeit whitewashed.

Culture Edit

  • Artisans - elaborate wedding kavahs are applied to noblewomen on their marriages.
  • Wine - the Morrighan Vineyards are renowned for their quality, giving the country its symbol - the vine.
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