"It can take years to mold a dream. It only takes a fraction of a second for it to be shattered."

Princess Arabella Celestine Idris Jezelia, commonly called "Lia," is the Princess and First Daughter of Morrighan. She is 17 years old in Kiss of deception. In Beauty of Darkness, she becomes Queen of Venda. In Dance of Thieves, she gives birth to her first child - Aster, whom she has with her husband Rafe, King of Dalbreck.

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Lia has a tall, slender figure. She is described as very beautiful with high cheeks, full lips and long black hair. On her right shoulder, she has a permanent claw and vine design on her skin in beautiful color, left behind from her wedding kavah.

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  • Impulsive
  • Sharp-tongued
  • Independent
  • Brave
  • Disdains tradition
  • Natural leader

History Edit

The Kiss of Deception Edit

On the day of her arranged marriage to the Prince of Dalbreck, Princess Lia secretly decides to flee her royal life with her lady's maid, Pauline. Dressed in her wedding dress and wedding cloak, she and Pauline race over 10 days on horseback to the small town of Terravin to start a new, free life together.

Having left her old life behind, Lia befriends Berdi and Gwyneth and settles quickly into a simple life along the town's shores. Pauline takes Lia to Berdi's inn, Berdi who took Pauline and her mother in when Pauline's father passed. Berdi takes in the two girls who help her run the inn in return for food and shelter, where one night two mysterious men walk in for a meal. Unbeknown to Lia, one of these men is the prince she was arranged to marry and the other is an assassin sent to murder her in her sleep. To both of men, Kaden and Rafe, Lia is not princess that either had come in search of.

Lia is immediately drawn to each of the men in different ways and begins to form bonds with them over the summer months. While in Terravin, Lia's brother Walther rides to visit her in secret where they lovingly embrace and share news of their separate lives and Walther's joy of becoming a father in the coming months. Lia learns that her brothers understand why she abandoned her wedding and royal life and have been purposely misfollowing her tracks from Civica. Unknown to Lia, both Kaden and Rafe have witnessed the embrace between her and her brother with each assuming she has now taken a lover, though each finds out the truth shortly after.

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Branson, King of Morrighan Edit

  • Lia has a difficult relationship with her father. He always had been King first and then a father. Because he is a monarch, he doesn't have much time for any family members but Lia remember there were a few family trips and on one of them she was searching for shells with her father. In 'The Beauty of Darkness', Lia's father grants her control of his kingdom and governing while he recovers from being poisoned in a show of respecting his daughter's leadership skills and penance for his absence emotionally from her life before.

Regheena, Queen of Morrighan Edit

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