Lady Bernette is Lia's Aunt, and lives in the Citadelle to attend her sister, Queen Regheena. Originally of a noble family of Gastineux.

Personality Edit

Unlike her sister Lady Cloris, Lady Bernette is outspoken and unrestrained by court protocol. She is prone to innuendo. She often stands up for Lia (and on occasion, Pauline) when others try to take away their choices.

History Edit

  • Reveals to Lia that her father objected to the name "Jezelia" because it had no precedent, but her mother insisted.
  • Her version of The Devastation focuses on adventure.
  • Claims that Regheena's gift diminished because she left her homeland.
  • Describes snow to Lia in Morrighan, thinking of her home in Gastineux.
  • Present at the Civica Coup

Relationships Edit

Family  Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Calls Lia and her brothers "stair steps" for being all 2 years apart.
  • Alluded to have some knowledge of healing herbs and medicines.

Quotes Edit

[Lia] “Aunt Bernette was never one to restrain her words, even with a priest in the room and protocol at stake. My father claimed I got my impulsive tongue from her..." (KOD, Ch. 1)
[Lia] “...Aunt Bernette noted, a little exaggeration was always expected when describing weapons, victories, and body parts.” (KOD, Ch. 13)
[Pauline] “My aunt’s mouth fell open, appalled, but Lady Bernette reached out to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Pauline is right,” she said softly. “It was Lia’s choice and beyond any of us to stop her.” (BOD, Ch. 67)

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